Virtual Reality
VR Tour
VR is the new marketing trend that is taking the world by storm. It's been shown to increase brand awareness by more than 300%.

How does it work?

● Whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or VR headset, your client is able to move through the space and experience it like never before.

● VR Tour is an architectural tool and a specially designed app that allows you to showcase your project, discuss and fine-tune all its aspects before it is built, and even win over clients with its photorealistic 3D representation.

● Taking advantage of the popular VR technology, VR tour accurately reproduces real-life scenes by integrating 3D Scenes.

● It shows them in a virtual space that can be adjusted to anyone's needs (mainly for navigation purposes) simulates the way people move through the building using navigational controls (forward, backward, turn left/right), and displays annotations or captions.

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